Jeff Chmielewski


"Always a pleasure having them prepare my meals. They're always on time, fresh, and delicious. Thank you!"

James Callaway


"Absolutely delicious! Can honestly say I've never had a bad meal from Lean On! Always fresh ingredients and the best service you're gonna find in YYC."

Tarn Tiwana


"You guys are a lifesaver! As a business owner it's hard to make the time to make sure i'm eating healthy. You guys have made it so easy! By eating healthier i now have more Energy and Focus than i did before! It's honestly made a difference in every aspect of my life and i couldn't have done it without you guys!

Jordan Matthews


"Amazing food! I allow this company to support all my clients with all there meal prep needs! hands down best in town, I even let them prep me for my last show and in most cases its a very hard job to get all the orders exact, and with out a doubt they did it all with no issues along the way. 100% recommend this company to everyone who comes my way!

Tony Do


"Hi my name is Tony Do, I been lean on meal customer for some time now. I been struggling with my weight all my life since I was in high school. I used to weight 260lb at my heaviest and my current weight is 178lb. Lean on meals help me with my food prep every week and help me manage my Marcos with every meal. Food is very well prep and made to your liking, how much carbs, protein and vegetable size. Very friendly staff love the customer service, if you’re ever in a pinch I would highly recommend them for your meal prep services. I was very busy with my life and couldn’t find time to cook for myself to Monday to Friday with waking up at 5am to be at the gym at 6am then off to work, then back home around 5pm then did school homework and weekend was fill with school and homework and gym. These meal couldn’t come at a better time. My transformation isn’t a huge as others, but I’ll let you know losing weight starts with dedication, motivation and last but not least you going to ask yourself “how bad do you want to change?” and there will be tons of supporters out there to help just don’t be afraid to ask even at the gym if you don’t know how to use the piece of equipment just ask don’t be afraid to reach out. . Result doesn’t happen overnight it’s a process that you have to keep working at."

Mipstick Yvette


"My #1 favorite thing about Lean on Meals: CUSTOMIZABLE. It's the only meal service in the city that allows me to decide precisely the What and How much of each component of my meal. I'm a 120lb woman and the next customer might be a 220lb man - it only makes sense that our meals would be different, and with Lean on Meals, they are!

My #2 favorite thing: They cater to my FOOD SENSITIVITIES. I have quite a few, and with Lean on Meals, I don't have to forgo delicious meals because the sauces or ingredients include allergens. They remove them for me!

My #3 favorite thing: SERVICE. Denzel and his team constantly go the extra mile to ensure I'm taken care of.

With my busy lifestyle, food prep is so vital to ensuring I stay on track with my diet and Lean on Meals makes this so much less stressful for me and my family!"

Tracey Anne


"Lean on meals is so affordable and quality is amazing! So simple and easy to order. The kids love it too! Such great customer service! I would recommend trying some of the meals! Great variety and lots of options to switch up so you don't get bored of eating the same thing. With being so busy it's nice not having to spend time to prep food and get it delivered!!"

Jay McDonald


"SO GOOD! Everything from service to saltiness was on point! Lean On Meals is making my life and fitness program so much easier!

Fahim Salehi


"I don't know what I would do without Lean On Meals Calgary. As a top amateur bodybuilder, I need to eat healthy meals everyday, and nobody makes healthy meals that taste great better than them. I highly recommend them no matter what your goals are."

Jenn Matwychuk


"Excellent customer service, the food is delicious, and it's delivered right to your door! Definitely a life saver for someone like me who is a full time student, has a full time job, while balancing the gym and a social life. Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Melissa Isabelle


"Using LOM has been such an amazing experience since the first time I ordered. I heard about it through a coworker and was surprised by the quality of the meals (everything I have ordered has been delicious) and by the incredible customer service I have always received. The LOM team bends over backwards to support all of their clients and are always a pleasure to deal with. Over the summer is usually the time I will typically gain weight, but I have actually dropped close to twenty pounds since I started using this service! I had just begun a masters degree which eats up a ton of time. Typically I would put off meal prep and start eating unhealthy take out (exactly what I did during my bachelors degree) and feel like crap. Now I can save a ton of time by just ordering and picking up or having my meals delivered. It is an amazing service and I would recommend them to anyone!"

Adam Hawryliw


"Being in the fitness industry since 2012 I've had many of mediocre food prep companies help me out with prep. What I can say is that Denzel and his professional group are nothing but exceptional. Every meal each bite absolutely tasteful and amazing. By far the best meal prep company to deal with, cheap prices not taking away from quality and taste!!! Can't wait to get this years offseason and prep season with lean on meals."

Richie Keirouz


"I was 5 weeks out from a competition when I found out i had to go on a 4 day work trip to Calgary. I was nervous about not being able to stay on my meal plan. I asked around and was told about Lean On Meals. From the first time I talked to them they were extremely accommodating. They made sure only the ingredients I asked for were used, every portion was right on, the meals were absolutely delicious and the best part was, they delivered me fresh meals to my hotel at midnight for the next day! 
Thank you Denzel and Lean On Meals for taking a huge stress of my mind and taking care of my meals. You'll definitely hear from me again when I visit Calgary!"

Jenna Reid


"These guys were amazing!!!! I had only provided short notice in need of food for a fitness competition while in Calgary visiting family and they were on it. Communication and details were dealt with immediately and the food tasted amazing!!!!!!!"

Marc Andre


"When it comes to my busy schedule, with the gym, school, and work, and spending time with my Girlfriend. I trust Lean On Meals to keep me on track with my meal plans, and allow me to focus on the things I need to get done each day! The Food is Really good, and so is the customer service! Would definitely recommend you give it a try!"

Darren Stauth


"As a busy entrepreneur I can never find the time to cook a good meal. Lean On Meals provides me with extra time to run my business and on top of that, the meals are both filling and ridiculously delicious!"

Kyuho Choi


"I have been with TEAM LOM for 5 orders so far! I absolutely love LOM because of their helpful service, tasty meals, great assistance to reach my goals in bodybuilding training, convenience and totally reasonable price! I always spend so much money on food but I have actually spent less money on groceries overall after beginning to use this service as part of my diet plan. Additionally, they have been great with my special requests in my orders. Very thoughtful and caring of them! I'd like to thank Team LOM and definitely recommend that others be with this company if you're interested in fitness/diet plan, new year's resolutions ;)/meal plan/healthy food trial."

Lyndsey Hoff


"They went above and beyond for delivery! I completely forgot my order and they came right to me! The food is delicious and fresh and healthy! Perfect for work days or when I don't want to cook after a long day! A+"

Colby Sturrock


"Been with them on and off for quite some time. Not only is the food to die for, the customer service is top notch!"

Linda P


"Really amazing high quality food, well priced and delivered right to the door. It makes eating healthy effortless especially if you are always on the go and are too busy to whip something healthy up on your own, Lean on Meals is always the go-to for a guaranteed delicious and healthy meal. There are so many different options and choices it is really catered for everyone's palette and can be specialized for your needs. Absolutely love the amazing customer service that keeps us going back. Love Lean on Meals and their mission for a better healthier lifestyle!"

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