Unfortunately, we do not deliver to Edmonton at this time.

Lean on meals offers delivery to all of Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere and Okotoks. We also have pickup options available for clients in surrounding areas and for those who do not wish to have meals delivered.

Meals are cooled and delivered in paper bags to your doorstep.

We highly recommend being home during the delivery window that was selected or having someone else be available to take it in when it arrives. Or you may also leave us a note with your order letting us know of a time when you will be home so we can deliver closer to that time.

Delivery Times for meals are selected when you place in your order.

Sundays Between 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-8pm

If you are not home your order will be safety placed by your doorstep, although we highly recommend someone is home to receive your delivery as these are prepared meals and need to be refrigerated right away, If you are only stepping out for a few minutes please make sure the meals are refrigerated as soon as possible. You may also change the shipping address of your order to a friend or family members home so they can refrigerate your meals for you.

If there is no answer at the door your order will be left by your front door. If you live in an apartment and you buzz the driver in, your order will also be left by the door. If you do not answer your buzzer the driver will simply take your order back and you will be contacted to arrange a redelivery

There is a charge of $10.00 for a re-delivery

*Please note Lean On Meals is not responsible for any meals left at your door if you are not home.

We can make changes to a delivery address 24 hours before the delivery day. Please email to make any changes to your address.

Unfortunately, we no longer give out cooler bags with ice packs as we have made our delivery windows smaller. If you will not be home during the delivery window please make sure a family member or someone else will be home or you may choose to deliver to a friend’s home instead.


Lean on Meals currently offers pickups twice a week at our location (Unit 10 1420 40th AVE NE). Pickup dates are on Sunday's and Wednesdays.


Wednesday: 5:00pm-7:00pm.


We currently do not have pickup available at any other location. 


Unfortunately we are not able to prepare and deliver meals the same day as when the order is placed. Please refer to our order deadlines to make sure your order is placed in on time so you can pickup your order for the week.

The order deadline to receive your meals for Sunday/Monday pick-up and delivery is Thursday at 5pm. The order deadline to receive your meals for Wednesday pickup and delivery is Sunday at 5pm.

We actually have an extension until midnight if you need extra time and could not place your order in on time. Please note once midnight has passed the date will no longer be available, therefore you will have to select a different date. If you had ordered just after midnight you can also send us an email to and ask to have your order prepared for the desired date. We may not always be able to squeeze in late orders as we want to make sure your order is 100% completed.

Lean On Meals orders are payable by all major Credit cards at checkout.

Orders can be cancelled prior to the order deadline - before 5pm on Thursday and Sunday, please email us at


We can definitely accommodate to certain restrictions such as no oils / salts / plain seasoning, etc., however we can only prepare meals for your meal plan that are available on our current menu. We always have the basic proteins such as Chicken Breast, Beef Tenderloin, Turkey, and White Fish which are usually found in most meal plans. All orders are to be placed through the website.

Our meals are prepared fresh and are good for 4-5 days with the exception of fish meals which are fresh for up to 3 days after delivery.

Our team would gladly work with you to meet any of your dietary needs and/or requirements. Sodium content in our meals is minimal as we believe it is best to keep it less, allowing for you to add more salt if needed. As for portioning meals, we will weigh out and portion your meals based on your selection. All Proteins are measured in Cooked weight.

All of our meals are customizable, and macronutrient information can be found on our website. You can eat any meal at any point in the day and adjust it based to your caloric needs, and macronutrient goals.

All of our meals are prepared and packaged in convenient BPA free microwaveable containers. Once you receive your order, all you have to do is heat your meal and enjoy. To heat meals in a microwave, lift the lid and set the timer to 60-120 seconds. (may vary dependent on your microwave and portioning of meals!)

Each of our meals are best consumed within 4-5 days of receiving them. We create all of our meals fresh without any preservatives. We do not recommend freezing our meals, as they taste best fresh!

We do not cook with any peanuts/ tree nuts/ almonds or any other type of nut. None of our recipes contain nuts as we know that is a very common allergy, therefore we will not be serving any dishes with nuts.

*Please note our snacks do contain nuts in them, unless stated otherwise.

Lean on Meals will always work with our clients when it comes to food allergies and any food restrictions and/or intolerances.

Email us at for more information.

We have a list of all current starches and vegetables on the menu as well as labels for GF, DF, V, LF options under the “Nutritional Information” tab or you may click on this link:


Lean on Meals offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.