Yvette Styner CHN, our Certified Holistic Nutrition Expert, received her designation as an Honours Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Her background makes her a perfect fit for a lifestyle oriented company like Lean On Meals. Not only is she an Elite Pro Figure and Fitness Athlete with the Natural Physique & Athletics Association, she’s also certified in fitness training and personal coaching, she teaches holistic sports nutrition, is an avid squash player and crossfit athlete, an entrepreneur, and has raised three children. Yvette understands what it’s like to have a busy life and the stresses that go along with juggling family, career, fitness and other passions.

Yvette’s approach in nutritional counselling involves a comprehensive assessment of your unique body, your goals, and your current circumstances and lifestyle to produce an extensive, customized plan that’s as unique as you are.

Her guidance in food selection, combined with our fresh meals prepared and delivered to you, provide a vital foundation for a sustainable, balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Lean On Meals offers varied menu plans to support you and help achieve wellness.

Contact our Holistic Nutrition Expert today for guidance in selecting the best Lean On Meals menu items to support your wellness goals; including:

The right foods in the right amounts at the right times for optimal and sustainable weight loss… the winning formula is as unique as you are.  A weight loss plan should not be cookie-cutter and needs to provide adequate nourishment while supporting your unique biochemistry that may be contributing to your excess body fat or slowed metabolism. mipstickYvette can help you determine what that is for you, provide a customized menu plan, and guide you in the best Lean On Meals selections to help you reach your goals.

There is one major factor at the root of all illness – that is chronic inflammation.  However, the factors that contribute to this inflammation are many, and can include:

* overconsumption of highly inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, trans fats, alcohol, food additives, refined grains

* exposure to environments toxins

* excessive stress:  physical, psychological or mental

Science tells us that various nutrients and foods have specific chemical components that act as inflammation regulators in the body and can help reduce this inflammation and the health risks associated with it.  Whether preparing for an upcoming surgery, recovering from an injury, dealing with digestive or intestinal issues, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, or skin issues – inflammation is always at play.  mipstickYvette can help you select the best Lean On Meals foods to support reducing inflammation and improve your symptoms.

When people hear the word “hormones”, most think of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.  But there are many organs and glands (other than just the ovaries and testes) in the endocrine system of the body that secretes hormones, such as the thyroid, pancreas, adrenals, and pituitary.  Hormones are chemical messengers that affect many different processes in the body, including metabolism, sexual function, mood and so much more.  They all work together to control a very tight balance, and if one or more is even slightly off, it can cause widespread, major health problems.  PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, infertility, reduced libido, digestive disturbances, emotional instability, and insomnia are only a few of the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance for men and women.

The good news is that diet can help. mipstickYvette can help explore what’s at the root of imbalance, and provide evidence-based food/nutrient recommendations to support contributing body systems or organs.

Yes, you can boost your brain-power with the foods you eat!

Your dietary choices may be the most influential variable you can control that relates to the health, vitality, and functionality of your brain.  By affecting the permeability of cell membranes within the synapse (the point where brain cells/neurons interact with one another), the right nutrients can have a big effect on learning, memory and cognition.

Nutrition also affects how the brain communicates using the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, playing a vital role in mental health and mood regulation.

Several of our food selections contain omega-3 fats and other brain-healthy nutrients.  mipstickYvette can help create a brain-boosting plan perfect for the busy student, executive, the aging, and others looking to optimize cognitive and mental ability.

Oxidative damage occurs in the body as a result of normal metabolic processes, but also from exposure to stress, chemicals, pesticides and toxins on foods and/or household and body products, alcohol, consumption of rancid fats, radiation from the sun, etc. Chronic and excess exposure is ultimately what leads to the breakdown of and interference with the normal ways that cells function in our bodies. The result is inflammation, mutation of cells, illness and disease.  Science shows that various nutrients have anti-oxidant properties and can help to reduce this damage.  mipstickYvette can help you select anti-oxidant rich foods to support immunity, reduce disease risk, and fight illness.

DID YOU KNOW?  An anti-oxidant rich diet is vital not only for anyone struggling with reduced immunity, inflammation, allergies or illness, but also for the competitive athlete with high physical demands on the body.

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